Lesbians at work


Information and networking – more visibility for lesbians at work

Have you found a job which suits you – but you are unsure how your work environment would respond to your outing?
You have successfully followed your career path and would like to pass on your tips and experiences to other lesbians?
Are you looking for information and exchange in order to develop yourself professionally and personally?
You work in counselling or in a project for lesbian women and would like to know more about the professional situation of lesbians*?


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Then we are looking for you:

We would like to make the diverse experiences of lesbians at work visible and offer a platform for exchange and suggestions. No matter what professional field you are in: We are interested in your experiences and are sure that you will be able to support others to develop their career perspectives.

How you can get involved

e.g. with an interview, as a mentor or as a networker or if you want to exchange with others. And if you are active in a community project or in counseling, we look forward to a professional exchange. We offer opportunities for networking and information on the situation of lesbians * in working life.

Through our project we strive towards social justice in our society in which lesbians are valued and accepted in all their varieties. We would also like to achieve more sensitivity and awareness that lesbians are not a homogeneous group, but a diverse community of this society with different experiences, perspectives and needs.

When using the term “lesbians” we acknowledge the multiple affiliations and intersectional identities lying behind and strive to challenge the social construction of gender and a binary gender perspective.
Simply put, everyone who sees themselves as a lesbian is meant.



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